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Team 140 

Forging their own unique sound and creating an international wave of support across their social channels, Team 140 have arrived and they are taking the Trance scene by storm.

Not just DJ’s but rather performers, these two visionary masked characters will bring a fresh, unique and completely unforgettable experience to any Trance event.

Their anonymity will add to the crowd’s tension, as they ask themselves, who is Team 140?

Building a set through a journey of Trance styles and tempo’s, all of which revolve around the 140 bpm central point, Team 140 will take you on an awe inspiring journey.

Hosts of the weekly Trance broadcast The Trance Empire, Team 140 have a vision to take their show global; we want you to be part of the ride.

The Trance Empire

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  • No avatar Alexiasot1 16/01/2015 10:10:36

U guys really ROCK!!! and from the US??? Come to Sacramento, we could really use some SERIOUSLY BANGIN' and UPLIFTING sounds in this town, to show 'em how to really TRANCE-FUZE!!! Your sound is INCREDIBLE... I WANT MORE!!! LOL xoxoxoxo kisses from Northen Cali and the BAY!!! I would love to see you LIVE!!! Serious FLIGHT here!!! xoxoxox

  • No avatar CJ Xtreme 15/02/2013 16:25:49

Amazing !

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