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Max Martiny 

Max Martiny, real name Maxim Mescheryakov, was born in the town of Voskresensk,(Moscow region) on December, 22, 1984.He has been forming his musical taste due to endless listening of dance music compilations on audio tapes.Studying at school he helped with organizing parties till the graduating.A great impact had such producers as Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk,Chicane,BT,Darude.Is first mix was recorded in 2008. In 2010 he found out a marvelous, beautiful style called "uplifting trance". This music has completely changed his perception. In 2011 the first test mix called "White Symphony" was recorded. Having deserved the approval and support of listeners he decided to keep on producing, being busy with it at the moment.

White Symphony Radioshow

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  • No avatar Alexiasot1 16/01/2015 08:35:54

my first time listening to you, and you are HOTTTTTT!!! LOVING YOUR STYLE!!! really UP LIFTING!!! <3 <3 do you tour? Come to California, we NEED more of your sound to really BLOW the EDM'R's away and show them how to FLYYYYYY!! Awesome Sound my friend!! Im on FB and Google+ sincerely, Erica Lieberman (aka AlexiaSOT1)(aka Alexia Lieberstromm) ;-) xoxoxoxoxo !!

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