Ex Driver 

Labels: Infexious Recordings (UK), Branded Digital (UK), Redux Recordings (GER), Connective Sounds (GER), Only One Records (SPN), Red Force Recordings (USA), Colorful Recordings (CYP), Inspired Records (UK), Shah Music (GER), Drizzly Records (GER), Abora Recordings (UK), Stampgevaar Digital (UK), CGI Records (UK), Upbeat Music (UK), Triptomatik Records (BEL), S.O.L.T. Records (UKR), National Sound (RUS)

Production Played by: Tiesto, Ferry Corsten, Tom Colontonio, Roger Shah, Manuel Le Saux, Nitrous Oxide, Pedro Del Mar, Jose Amnesia, Talla 2XLC, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Robert Gitelman, Marcos, Bobina, Mike Koglin, Suzy Solar, DJ Choose, Tillman Urmacher, Fabio Stein, Cesar Lugo, Fast Distance, Angel Ace, Graham Gold, Agnelli and Nelson, Mark Pledger, Abstract Vision, Dima Krasnik, Michael Angelo, Neil Moore, Kristina Sky, Barry Jay, Haris C, Ben Nicky, Davey Asprey, Terry McVeigh, Brian Rogers, John Wright, Andre Visior, Tom Yelland, DJx2, Hytex, Kaenow, DJ XTC, Iqy, Dual Minds, Kryztow De Fier, Patrick Delsine... and more!

Ex-Driver aka Vladimir Bashmakov is one of the hottest Russian DJ’s and Producers at the moment. He was born on December 6th 1987 at Moscow, Russia. Vladimir started to pay big attention to the music since the early childhood and father bought Vlad his first keyboard when he was only 5 and Vlad started to get piano-lessons. In year 1999 he started to pay big attention to the electronic music. Vlad began his professional career in late 2005 making his debute In early 2006 . His debut as a DJ at February 2006 was followed by regularly gigs in Moscow through the year along side DJ’s and Producers like Ivan Great, Melodica.

For almost 3 years of DJs career Ex-Driver played at many Moscow clubs and also had many gigs in other Russian and CIS towns like St. Petersberg, Kiev, Sergiev-Posad, Zhukovsky, Kirov, Vitebsk, Ryzan’, D'zerjinsk and many more!
Ex-Driver played alongside with Ronski Speed, Nitrous Oxide (aka N2O), Dennis Sheperd, Dom Kane, Alex Kidd and A+D+A+M Lab 4.

Vlad had his first track released on 14 April 2008 and now he have more than 20 tunes released and a lot upcoming releases.  Tracks and remixes by Ex-Driver were played in such radioshows as Club Life by Tiesto, Corstens Countdown by Ferry Corsten, Anjuanabeats worldwide by Mark Pledger, Top Twenty Tunes, Maneki Neko and Extrema by Manuel Le Saux, OMEGA by Tom Colontonio, RGC by Bobina, The Next Level by Ernesto vs. Bastian, Music For Balearic People By Roger Shah, Accelerate Sessions by Nitrous Oxide (aka N2O), Airport Sessions by Talla 2XLC, Full Pack by Fadio Stein, Solar Power Sessions by Suzy Solar and many more.

Land Of Dreams

Land Of Dreams

Bio coming soon

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  • No avatar DJFenix 13/06/2012 19:01:16

Hello Vladimir, I really liked the mix of your Ex-Driver - Land Of Dreams 095 with Abstract Vision & Elite Elec ... Keep it up. As the output can I show to your ssebe site to add? Rus: ??? ????? ?????????? ???? ???? ??-Driver - Land Of Dreams 095 with Abstract Vision & Elite Elec... ??? ???????. ?? ???? ?????? ???? ?? ? ???? ??? ? ????? ?? ???? ??????????

  • No avatar Katy Rutkovski 30/03/2010 17:16:20

Hi! :) You here happen? :)

  • No avatar Katy Rutkovski 30/03/2010 17:14:45

?????? :) ?? ??? ??????? ? :)

  • No avatar Katy Rutkovski 30/03/2010 17:14:27

?????? :) ?? ??? ??????? ? :)

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