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Aldo Henrycho - Trance In Flames

   Aldo Henrycho 

Aldo Henrycho is an Uplifting, Tech & Progressive Trance DJ/Producer, from Querétaro, México. He was born in San Luis de la Paz, Guanajuato, and he is also a Computer Systems Engineer, by the Querétaro Institute of Technology. He is a complete musician, being able to play piano, guitar, trumpet, drums, violin, flute, among other instruments.

In 2013 he starts a weekly radio show called "Trance In Flames", with which he fastly made a local fan base. He started making great mashups, some of them being supported by ReOrder (#ASOT650NL), Giuseppe Ottaviani (#GOA060), Adam Ellis among others. In the last months of 2013, he finally decides to make the next step, and starts learning trance production.

His first 3 works on trance production, were remixes for "Mostfa & Mostfa - Nosara", "Carlos de la Garza - Athena", and "Dan Delaforce - The Redemption", this last one released by D.MAX Recordings, being Featured on TrackItDown and reaching #33 on the Top 100.

In September 2015 he worked for Pulsar Recordings, remixing "Roger Yong - Landing On Titan". This one reached the #1 Beatport Top 100 Releases, bringing a milestone on the history of the label.

More recently, he worked with Trance All-Stars Records, Beyond The Stars Recordings and Trancer Recordings, signing his first original mixes and remixes to be released on 2016, expecting them to be massive hits.

He also worked on Progressive and Uplifting Trance Remixes for Trancer Recordings, TFB Records, Sundance Recordings, Sensual Bliss Recordings, D.MAX Deep, Mashbuk Music and Shamania Music. All this means he has prepared a 2016 year being on fire with releases.

Alongside with the trance talents manager and promoter Fher Daboub, they together started "BOX Media Agency" focused on Artist Management, Talent Promotion, Radio Show booking, Social Media Brand Building and all Digital Marketing. Driven exclusively by the true dedication and love of Trance, right now having a solid roster of producers, DJs and partners, aiming to raise the names and presence of all the talents involved.

He has played for a lot of online trance events, he also been organizer, being renowned for his characteristic voice, recording jingles and voiceovers for events and DJs. He has worked in Advertising Agencies on Mexico recording audio spots. He has also skills in oratory, poetry, chemistry, medicine, Information Technologies, politics and much more.
 Show: Trance In Flames
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