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Kaneda - Eternal Light


Simon Gledhill aka Kaneda became devoted to EDM the minute he stepped into his first rave in 1989 in Manchester.

After obtaining many tracks from Crash Records in Leeds and then practicing and practicing on his technics, he was soon able to get a residency at the X in Batley on Thursday nights, who wanted to diverse into the dance scene. He got the opportunity to play alongside his hero Sasha, he had the crowd rocking to his sounds in advance of Sasha educating the people of Batley. An eternal memory !!

After the success of the night, he then moved to Paul Anthony's in Dewsbury, under the alias of SXS, a name derived from his username for high scores on arcade machines, well a name had to come from somewhere as all the djs didn't use their real names back then. Simon played a two hour set every Thursday, Friday and Saturday. his peak time sets sent the crowd into hysteria. Simon Dj'ed at the club for over 3 years. His love affair with the club eventually ended though due to the clubs change in music policy, this gave him the opportunity to visit clubs, as a punter where he revelled in amazing nights with friends at the likes of Angels (Burnley), Bowlers (Manchester), Cream (Liverpool) and The Pier (Wigan) and all over the uk.

Simon still purchased hundreds of records in this time and his mix tapes were very popular. With the evolution of computers and the internet he started to then mix CD's. In 2003 he entered the Nu-Horizons (feed the habit) DJ competition which Crystal Clouds helped host in 2003 / 2004. After hearing the competition mix, they asked him to make more Cd length mixes for their members, this is when Eternal Eye series started and inlcuded nothing but 12" vinyls. These were very popular in their early days and can still be found in their download section.

Due to other commitments and changes in his life, the last few years have been very quiet for Kaneda on the dj front, but he is very pleased to be back doing what he loves. "I'm really excited about doing the new Eternal Light series, as I will not be as restricted in the music I can put on the mixes. Having only used vinyl in the past, the cost difference between an mp3 and vinyl is vast. I used to literally put every track I bought onto a mix, so I had to force some transitions together, which although can be quite entertaining, it didn't always go the way I really wished. Now I can be more selective and really go for it on a mix. I have also got a new PC and the sound quality really kicks ass.

"The "Eternal Light" series will now be 2 hours each time I mix.  Long Live Music, Long Live EDM and Long Live Trance, see ya !!"

 Show: Eternal Light
  Uplifting and Pumping Trance.  

*Full review pending
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 Comments (7 )
Jean Gibon says: Comment date: 23/06/2013 00:12:58
    Absolutely Amazing !!! Where could i find the tracklist please ? Thank you Jean 
cejic says: Comment date: 04/06/2012 17:17:14
    MY DJ !Danke! 
Kaneda says: Comment date: 06/06/2010 21:08:29
    Thanks Discover Trance & Bladerunner always nice to receive great comments. Hope u keep listening & supporting.  
Bladerunner says: Comment date: 06/06/2010 17:00:06
    Just listened to your Eternal Light X - congratulations, great job! Uplifting, epic and emotional trance, exactly how it should be! 
DiscoverTrance says: Comment date: 06/06/2010 16:37:46
    Absolutly outstanding production each and everytime.. great show!! 
Kaneda says: Comment date: 23/01/2010 19:02:11
    Cheers Ilgaz, very glad to be here. 
Ilgaz says: Comment date: 22/01/2010 12:42:49
    Welcome to Discover Trance Radio mate =) 
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