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This week I talk to one of my own 'very-high-on-my-list' personal influences, and someone else that I know has got a bit of a soft spot for her too... ;)

HERE WE GO with Miss Sophie Sugar!... :)

Lou - Now... My all time favourite tune of yours is 'Fallen too far'... Which are your favourite tracks/productions/collaborations of your own?

Sophie - Good question! And thanks! No-one has ever asked me that before. It would have to be 'Redemption' which i made last year. It wasn't as big as some of my other tracks but for me it's exactly the kind of sound i love!

Lou - We have a fair few fans of  'Redemption' in the 'Discover Trance' house... ;) What lured you to dj trance, above all other genres?

Sophie - I just love it! I've always loved emotional melodies in music, even as a child i remember hearing the music from films like 'ET' and 'Star Wars' and thinking it was just amazing. So, it wasn't really a case of choosing trance over another genre - if i didn't play trance i just wouldn't be a DJ!

Lou - 'Eeeeee Teeee!' :) That film never fails to make me cry! So... You played an amazing set in South Africa for NYE this year, where is your favourite club/country to play out?

Sophie - Well, South Africa is a pretty special place to me because i used to live there for a year when i was younger and went to school out there. It's an incredible country for so many reasons - the history, the wildlife, the heat, the fact that we all supposedly originated from Africa in the very beginning - i could go on and on! I also love playing in Australia because everyone is so up for it but no-one takes it too seriously. Oh, and The Czech Republic - lovely people and fully into their trance!!

Lou - I have a list of places to visit before I die... South Africa and Oz are on there! Right... Tough one now... You are being banished to a desert island. Choose 3 tracks to take with you... ;)

Sophie -
Chicane - 'No Ordinary Morning'
Vivaldi's 4 Seasons
And an 80's album with every amazing 80's tune - (i know that's cheating really!!)

Lou - I'll let you off! ;) But only because of 'No Ordinary Morning'!!! I had that track on repeat when i bought a chill out album with it on! Oh my goodness, I thought I was the only person who remembered it! (I'm going to have to put Chicane's Greatest Hits back in my car now!) Anyway!! Moving on!.... :) When you were little, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Sophie - Everything at different points! Journalist, actress, singer, psychologist and lots more! My Mum wanted me to become a barrister but think she realised it wasn't going to happen when i hit 16 and discovered clubbing!!

Lou - Haha! Fantastic... I remember telling anyone who would listen, when i was 5, that I wanted to be a Bus Driving-Nursing-Optician! I'm not in ANY of those fields now! Let us in on your favourite ice cream?

Sophie - Haagen Dazs 'Pralines and Cream' - no contest!!

Lou - I'm a 'Cookie Dough' girl, myself, but I also love Haagen Dazs 'Baileys' ice cream... Mmm... Do you have any unusual talents that you'd like to share?

Sophie - Erm....not really! I cook a mean chile con carne!! Does that count?!!

Lou - Of course! Can't beat a good chile! What were your highlights of 2008 then?

Sophie - Probably playing in Australia and NZ for the first time and the release of 'Redemption'.

Lou - Awesome... I am currently learning to dj, and I have used dj's such as yourself as my inspiration for keeping at it! Do you have any advice for aspiring Dj's?

Sophie - Aah, thanks! Well good luck with it - I'm sure you'll be great! My advice would be firstly to make sure you're doing it for the right reasons, i.e. you love the music because you really do need a passion for it to drive you forward and give you the determination you need to succeed. Other than that, i would say develop and stick to your own sound and to start making your own tracks as soon as you can.

Lou - Sounds good to me! I'm eating/sleeping/breathing Trance at the moment! :) Can't get enough! Especially with some of the bosting releases we've had so far this year! (And it's only March!) What can we look forward to from you this year? Any new tracks/productions/gossip that you can share?... ;)

Sophie - Yes, i have lots of exciting plans for this year! My new vocal track 'Beside You' will be coming out around June time, as well as 'Together' which is the follow up to 'Redemption'. I have a new monthly radio show (I'll be posting more details on my group page about this very soon), and will be doing a compilation later in the year (again details to follow soon on this). DJ'ing wise, I'm looking forward to playing in some new and exciting countries such as Sweden, Algeria, and the good old US of A!!

Lou - WOW! Sounds fantastic! A busy year for you then?! Can't wait for June! And keep us posted about your radio show... maybe you could join us on DT?!...

Sophie - No worries - any time! Great questions!! Good luck with the DJ'ing - keep me posted on how you're getting on x

Lou - Thank you! I will! That's so kind of you! I might bug you for some tips... ;) x

Sophie - Sure - ask me anything! :)

Lou - Wicked! Thank you Sophie! That's really kind of you :)

...And you can catch up with that lovely lady via or via her Official Facebook group -


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