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Solarstone interview

It would just be plain rude to live less than a few miles away from this world famous man without tracking him down for a little interview. He kindly agreed. Ladies and gentlemen SOLARSTONE.

Hi there Rich, we are embracing a new concept this month, with listeners submitting their own questions to ask interviewed artists.  There were a fair few, and we were hard pressed to pick 3 of the best, but we got there, and here we go! Question Number One comes from listener, and one of DT's newest Dj's.

Rich Lake : "Where did you find the name Solarstone, what was the inspiration to get the name Solarstone?"

Many years ago, when we were working under the alias 'Space Kittens', Hooj Choons decided that as 'The Calling' was so different to the traditional Space Kittens sound, we should choose a new name.  Pressure was on because Hooj were about to go to print with the 12" sleeve.  Jerry from Hooj told us that unless we came up with a name in 10 minutes, we would be christened 'The Pleasure Tendency'!  There was a book about Greek Mythology in the studio, and we decided that we would drop it on the floor and whatever was displayed on the page which the book fell open at, that would be the name.  It fell open at a page which showed a Michelangelo painting, named 'The Solar Stone'.

How profound?!  and what a way to choose a name?!  I'm sure I would end up with something utterly heinous if I was to ever try that trick for an artist/project name!  Right!  Next question..

t4e: "You were a body piercer before becoming a pro musician/Dj.  What was the main factor that prompted you to embrace this new career?"

Ha yes - I was for a couple of years! I think all professional musicians have a dodgy job in their history... the piercing studio was simply a way to make money without having a boss. I've always hated being told what to do and the hierarchy of employment. I learnt to pierce on oven-ready chickens and then students at festivals.

Is there much difference there, Rich?! ;) but seriously, wicked... bet you saw some right sights... ;) Ok, the 3rd, and final listener question comes from our Sunday night, 'San Francisco Underground' host..

Dj Pusher: "I would like to ask Rich what his inspiration for 'Seven Cities' was, released on Hooj Choons in 1999.  It's such an amazing tune."

The music for 'Seven Cities' came to me in a dream.  I woke up one morning with it all laid out, I drove to the studio and sketched it out in about an hour.  When Andy (my partner in the band at the time) arrived at the studio he said 'Wow, what's that? That's good'.  At the time Hooj didn't want to release it, until Paul Oakenfold was given a copy, which he played at Cream and the reaction of the crowd said it all.  People were crying and hugging each other allegedly, or maybe that is just part of the myth surrounding the track.  It has played a part in many peoples lives since then, and I'm proud of the record, and still enjoy playing it out, although only on special occasions, like for instance if I Dj in some far flung place and they want to hear it.

I'm sure we've all had a bit of a DT track reunion in our own time, Truly epic though!. You played out to over 15,000 people in a flying UFO DJ booth at 'Full-On Ferry' in the Netherlands in 2008, Tell us what this was like, was this your idea to perform in such a vessel?!

Yes - it was bonkers!  It was very difficult, because of the sound bouncing around the arena we all had to mix in our headphones - which is something I never usually do.  It was certainly not my idea - Ferry is the lunatic that had that bit of divine inspiration!

Goodness me, Mr Corsten, whatever next!  But the footage I saw from this event was utterly amazing.  Would love to see a gig with effects like that.  Bit of a sneaky one here, which industry DJ has been the most interesting company to converse with backstage/play out alongside with on collaborative live gigs?

Haha... I assume by 'interesting' you mean 'party animal'.  Steve Helstrip (The Thrillseekers) wins hands down - the guy is an animal :)

Well, yes, it was my very thinly disguised attempt at asking that, yes... ;) If you could have any track on repeat, for the rest of your days.  What would it be, and why?

Vangelis' 'Rachels Song' - its such a stunning piece of music, the chords, the vocal, the synthesis... it's just incredible.  If I could write a piece of music that good I would die happy.

Sounds impressive... Will have to check that out, I reckon.  Now, speaking of incredible, your beautiful 'RainStarsEternal' album, was hailed as 'The best album of 2008' by Ferry Corsten... Where did you find the name for this piece of heaven?

Good question.  I was listening to some petry on the radio, the end of one line was 'raining stars' and the beginning for the next line was 'Eternal' - the phrase 'Rain Stars Eternal' jumped out at me, because it seems to visually represent the feelings I try to convey in my music.

Fantastic... and I'm pretty sure you do.  A beautiful name for a beautiful record... Very ethereal... which is pretty much part of your sound, well, I deduce anyway... So what's next for Rich and the Solaris International Radioshow?  Where do you see this/you developing this year? (and are there any sneaky snippets that you can share with us?...)

Lots and lots of projects underway.  Firstly there is the expansion of the radio show onto local FM stations in the UK.  Then we have the release of Rain Stars Eternal X - the remix album which contains brand new previously unheard remixes of every track from the album.  Of course, we have the solarSwarm project - the World's first social network record label, and also I am launching a brand new progressive house label later on in the year too.

Brilliant!  Definitely loads of interesting things to keep our eye out for, here at DT... (and I shall definitely be on the look out for the 'RainStarsEternal X' album! :) Thank you so much for taking the time out to do this for us Rich, it is greatly appreciated.

My pleasure!

You can catch up with Mr Solarstone himself on the following links:

Solarstone pres.'Electronic Architecture': Buy
Solaris International Radio: now broadcasting across 50 networks worldwide. Listen
Solarstone 'Rain Stars Eternal': including the hits '4ever', 'Spectrum', 'Late Summer Fields', 'RSE', 'Lunar Rings' & the new single 'Part Of Me' Out Now
SLRS033 Harley Soan 'Long Drive home''
CRWV004 Jox 'Microbial' Buy
INSAT014 Jahawi 'Kenya'' Buy


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  • No avatar Skorpio 12/08/2009 19:08:01

Awesome interview...enjoyed reading this :)

  • No avatar Rich Lake 07/08/2009 20:30:15

Nice interview Lou, very nice person glad I met him last year on a Intuition Beach Festival here in my country !!! Great Producer and also a great DJ, just a big artist :o)

  • No avatar FireStorm 07/08/2009 12:45:17

He has been around as long as Trance pretty much, seems very relaxed!

  • No avatar Javs 07/08/2009 11:44:05

Really a pleasure to read as always Lou x x Busy guy and seems a very easy going guy !!!

  • No avatar adampatterson 07/08/2009 03:50:37

fantastic as aways,he sounds a real dead on guy

  • No avatar Xenomorph 06/08/2009 21:11:14

Excellent interview, so natural and spontaneus as you always manage to do :)

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 06/08/2009 20:56:34

Awesome guy, good job Lou!

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