Silent Shore Recordings are go!  

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Silent Shore Records was found in spring 2009 in heads of Tibor Tomecko (ReOrder) & Lukas Novak in purpose to deliver high quality electronic music mostly Trance & Progressive to the clubbing community.

Tibor as a profesional producer known as ReOrder with knowledge of Music and Lukas long time PR manager and booking manager met and decided that there has to be some change in the world of electronic music. After short time they came up with an idea of elecronic music label which will combine quality sound tunes with massive ideas of talented producers worldwide. As a label Silent Shore Records goal is to deliver emotive, energetic and bangin sound for everyone.

"Silent Shore Records – when the talent meets quality… "

Dave Deen Catches up with long time friend and cofounder of Silent Shore, ReOrder.

Dave: Hey old friend, thanks for taking some time out to speak with me about your new label ‘Silent Shore Recordings’.

 ReOrder: Hey Dave, of course long time no speak. By the way even I was 25 this May it doesn’t mean that I am old.:D

Dave: Haha, try being 30 mate (you old git) :-p. So tell me Reo, how did this formation come about? what was the driving force behind it?

 ReOrder: I started to play with this idea last year and as you know we spoke about it several times. And to be honest there is lot of very “bad” music which is being released these days and I wanted to bring a change to this and bring something which steps out from the ordinary, something what is above all the rest we hear these days. So than I woke up and said. “Ok now it’s the great time, lets do it!”

Dave: I always consider waking up an achievment in itself, let alone starting a label! did you ever notice that many labels are owned by artists themselves, why do you think this is?

 ReOrder: Dave, buddy, I don’t really know.

Dave: The record Label seems like a busy market these days, how are you going to stand out?

 ReOrder: Our goal is to release only really good stuff. When you get overall look on the scene what do you see? I can tell you that I see massive load of releases from which there is only 1 from 1000 which I would play on a gig. It’s a pity that now everyone wants to be a producer and the only way he tries to get “up there” is that he copies other producers. So as I said we are looking for tunes, artist and remixers who create their own sound and their tunes are far out of boring ordinary.

Dave: Its great that you have a clear goal mate, what can we expect to see coming out of ‘Silent Shore Recordings’, are you focusing on any specific style or genre?
 ReOrder: I cannot say what genre as there are lots of genres in Electronic Music which are great to listen and dance but the main focus is Trance and all that comes with it. Also all good progressive, minimal, uplift, epic, etc. our first release is coming soon an I can tell that there is lot of to look forward to. Check out our myspace where you can get the best updateJ

Dave: If I Know you ReOrder this label will do very well, I wish the the very best of luck!.

 ReOrder: I thank you buddy! Thanks for the interview. See you all on Discover next month in Jun when our Radio show “Closer To You” starts :-)


I hope you all join me in wishing the Silent Shore Recordings team the very best of luck!

Fire out!


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  • No avatar Blu_Lou 17/05/2009 18:14:17

I think I need to watch my tail, eh Fire?... You'll be after my job... ;) Awesome work... :) Lxxx

  • No avatar FireStorm 08/05/2009 17:51:51

He really is one of the most dedicated people that I know. If his label is half as good as his productions and remixes then AB better watch out :-p

  • No avatar Javs 08/05/2009 11:27:52

Looks like Reorder is a very dedicated person , wish him the bst of luck but more important the stamina to keep going !!!!

  • No avatar Xenomorph 07/05/2009 16:39:12

Great news from ReOrder, new label with a clear pure goal, excellent interview, Firestorm :)

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