Serhiy Klimenkov Chavash  

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Original and Reorder feat Dave Deen remix
CRW16 better known as "Chavash" is released on Monday 10th August by the label Colorful Recordings, known for picking quality tracks.

Try the orignal mix for a slower more melodic experience or the powerful massive uplifting version with Reorder and Dave Deen on remix duties.

You can purchase this track from all major music stores or here


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  • No avatar GMP 03/09/2009 13:44:21

good work guys!! great track!!

  • No avatar DJ Pusher 15/08/2009 00:32:50

NOW THIS IS A TUNE \O/\O/\O/\O/\O/!!!!!!!!!

  • No avatar Javs 13/08/2009 11:52:58

+1 there well done and nice remix too deffo worth giving it a spin \o/

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 10/08/2009 21:49:45

well done serhiy, Discover Trance loves this track! 5/5

  • No avatar Serhiy Klimenkov 10/08/2009 17:10:39

finally it was released! :)

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 10/08/2009 14:16:45

I love both to be honest, a time and a place for either!

  • No avatar LarSson 10/08/2009 07:07:55

hmmm :) i things orginal mix better :P but remix awesome too :)

  • No avatar Blu_Lou 09/08/2009 17:28:36

ReO and Dave Deen remix for meee! \o/ What a tune! :) Lx

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