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  Knowledge is power. 
We have added another tool to the DT arsenal, now you can receive a reminder before your favourite shows start. 

Be sure to let us know what you think. 

Discover Trance Reminders - 3 Easy steps

1) Sign in / up to the Discover Trance website.
2) Browse to the DJ who hosts the show that you want a reminder for.
3) Put a tick in the "Remind me when this show is on" box

If you wish to stop recieveing updates simply un tick the box.

We hope you find this a useful tool



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  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 06/09/2009 02:30:23

We dont offer emails for replays as this is a random act hehe yes and we dont want to annoy people.

  • No avatar Anton Temnov 05/09/2009 10:31:48

I noticed, that reminder don't work with replays of the shows. But if the show will be replayed many times, these emails will be annoying. Anyway I think would be nice to send this reminding e-mail about the 1st replay?

  • No avatar Xenomorph 03/09/2009 07:45:09

Creative thought, worthy of execution, nice work! :)

  • No avatar trance_lady 03/09/2009 02:24:03

Love it. Very good idea :-) ~ x

  • No avatar Javs 01/09/2009 21:04:58

Awesome !!!!! \o/

  • No avatar Anton Temnov 01/09/2009 14:59:58

Absolute Feature!!!! :)

  • No avatar FireStorm 01/09/2009 11:22:12

this feedback is encouraging!

  • No avatar Ilgaz 01/09/2009 11:15:00

This Feature ROCKS \o/\o/

  • No avatar Blackfusion 01/09/2009 10:09:41


  • No avatar DJ Pusher 01/09/2009 02:40:36

WOW Now this is a awesome Feature!!!!!!!!!!!!

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