Pusher and Steve Baltes Of Deep Voices  

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Pusher and the San Francisco Underground pres. Steve Baltes Of Deep Voices

In 2004, long-time studio partners, Steve Baltes of Germany and Dyloot of San Francisco teamed up to form DEEP VOICES. Together in a Trans-Atlantic partnership, they have united their styles and continue to captivate listeners with their own blend of deep and melodic trance.
Their first album released in 2005, "Incoming Transmission" marked a notable shift in their musical trajectory, delivering an array of releases on international labels and a number of tracks that topped the Dutch, Swiss and UK charts.

Deep Voices continues to elevate themselves, producing releases landing on major labels and play-lists of top A-List DJs. Their album THE BLUE HOUR was released in 2006 and will be followed by their 3rd artist album MORE THAN AIR. Their latest album is due to be released this fall by Cloud9music, which is part of renowned Armada Music Group. With their charismatic stage presence, Dyloot and Steve Baltes lure their listeners into a dancing abyss of euphoric and abstract trance. Deep Voices offers a highly magnetic and uplifting performance to any crowd.

Author: Dj Pusher


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  • No avatar DJ Pusher 12/06/2009 18:17:25

lol Kris, Ill do my best :) or ill just play the full set :p

  • No avatar Kris 09/06/2009 02:36:03

Nice one Jon mate ;] Careful though, we will be expecting EPIC guests every week :P

  • No avatar DJ Pusher 28/05/2009 05:23:09

hahah Javs!!!! ;)

  • No avatar Javs 27/05/2009 11:54:26

BTW Pusher with that hairdo i would go to the hairdresser too every week ........ I want it tooooo hehehe .... :P

  • No avatar Javs 27/05/2009 11:52:46

Awesome Pusher great work .... cant wait to hear it !!!!!

  • No avatar FireStorm 27/05/2009 01:23:25

Congrats mate! you gets some epic guests!

  • No avatar DJ Pusher 27/05/2009 00:16:03

Go here for more info http://www.discovertrance.com/forum.aspx?g=posts&t=314

  • No avatar DJ Pusher 27/05/2009 00:12:39

OMG I cannot wait for this event!!!!!!!! Whooooooooooooot!!!!!!!

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