Manuel Le Saux Interview  

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Next up to get 'Lou-ed' is Italy's very own, Mr Manuel le Saux... :)

Lou -  Hey Manny, thank you for talking to me :) I've been LOVING hearing your 'Top Twenty Tunes of 2008 ...' series - and there have been so many that make my ears prick up and remember where I was when I heard them for the first time.  What were your highlights of 2008?

Manny - Well in my 'Top Twenty Tunes - Best of 2008' series I've just played my favourite tracks from 2008...  The number 1 was Aly & Fila - 'Lost Language'... Amazing song...

Lou - You've done some awesome remixes/collabs with other artists, who/what was the most challenging to work with?

Manny - I have loved to work with all the artists that I've done a collaboration with.  Paul Miller, Digital Nature and my friend Astuni... I hope to work with my best friend Giuseppe Ottaviani one day...

Lou -  Some big names there... I'm loving your newest release 'Dissidia'... What are the tracks that are doing it for you at the moment?

Manny - Lately, I'm playing a lot of my new tracks, and I really like all of Activa's tracks.

Lou - Tell us about your studio set up?  What decks/hardware/software do you use?

Manny - I use Cubase 4 and I use my virus too and some vast instruments

Lou - You've got some awesome gigs lined up for in the near future (Trance Gate Carnival in Milan, Luminosity in Holland, Digital Society in Leeds UK) - where has been your favourite club/country to play out?

Manny - I like almost all the countries and clubs where I've played.  Lately I'm playing a lot in the UK, and I love the trance scene there...

Lou - That's good to hear! :) Do you have any strange requests on your riders for gigs?...

Manny - Strange requests are for first ladies... and I'm sure I'm not... ;)

Lou -  Haha! I think you can safely say you're a man, Manny... ;) Have you ever had any dj'ing disasters?...

Manny - Absolutely never.. I should thank god for this :D

Lou -  Good to hear! :) I know you mentioned Giuseppe earlier, so do you have many famous friends who are also in the industry?

Manny -  I do have a lot, but my closer ones are Giuseppe Ottaviani, Fila, Sean Tyas and Paul Miller

Lou - Fantastic! So... tell us... Have you ever had any stalker-like experiences?!...

Manny - Well, I really love talking with the people at the parties where I play.  So, no.. I've never had this problem :)

Lou -  Never say never, Manny!! Haha! Finally... Pick 4 dinner guests - alive or dead - and share your reasons why....

Manny - That's an easy question :)
1 - Giuseppe Ottaviani - cause he s the man
2 - Menno de Jong - 'cause the last time we had dinner together was really funny
3 - Cliff Conread - cause we always have competitions during our dinners in the past
4 - Sied van Riel - cause we always eat italian food.. especially Pizza :D

Lou - Not sure I want to know what the competitions are... ;) and pizza sounds gooooood! Mmmm... :) Thank you for your time Manny! :) Was great to you talk to you!

Manny - Kissess!

Lou - and if you want to keep your eye on what Mr le Saux is up to and where he's going next - check out

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