Listen to DT Radio on the iphone  

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Listen to Discover Trance on your iphone and touch

  Discover Trance on your iphone
Some of you may not know that you can listen to us on your iphones and Touch.
Follow our easy guide and have Discover Trance Radio playing in a matter of minutes. 

Tuning into Discover Trance Radio from your Apple iphone or Apple touch device is very easy to setup, we will assume you have an active and working data connection.

 We recommend SHOUTcast because its a great little app, not to mention FREE. There are however many other apps available to tune in with, Tuner2 and wunderRadio to mention a couple.

Discover Trance Radio have put together the following "how to" page to guide your through the quick easy setup.


 Step 1: Install the app
step 1: app store
1. Goto the Apple "App Store" from your device.

2. From the bottom toolbar select "Search" and enter the words "Shoutcast Radio" in the search field.

3. Select the "SHOUTcast Radio" application.

4. Install it.
 Step 2. Enable high quality
Step 2:
1. From your devices home screen select "Settings"

2. Scroll down until you see "SHOUTcast"

3. Select it to enter the settings.
 Step 3: Enable high quality cont..
Step 3:
1. Toggle the "Allow hi-bit streams" to the "ON" position

2. Configure "Shake to shuffle" as you feel, we set this to "OFF".

3. Exit to home screen.
 Step 4: Search for Discover Trance
Step 4:
1. Open the "SHOUTcast" application.

2. Select "Search" from the bottom toolbar.

3. Enter the words "Discover Trance" in the search field at the top then press "Search".
 Step 5: Select stream to use
Step 5:
1. You will be presented with a list of Discover Trance Radio streams.

2. Select one that is suitable for your devices connection, selecting 192kbps when no on a 3g network will result in buffering.

3. We selected 192kbps because 3g coverage was good.
 Step 6: Tune in, sit back, relax
step 6:
1. Once you have selected a stream the application will take you to its main screen and audio will begin to play.

2. Select the Star in the top right corner to add us to your favorites, this will negate the need to search for us again in future.


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  • No avatar dfx 14/03/2010 00:36:24

i don't use this, i don't have an iphone cause i hate it lulz. i can listen on my PDA tho \o/

  • No avatar FireStorm 13/03/2010 21:01:39

I use this

  • No avatar adampatterson 15/12/2009 21:26:29

cool,now all i need to do is get a iphone.

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 10/12/2009 20:29:02

Nice, Thanks for the info Piccoli

  • No avatar piccoli 10/12/2009 19:21:31

just to inform you that you can tune in direct from the site on the iphone as follow: open discovertrance with the safari go to the site left side where do you see the links to tune in hit the link that says quick time as iphone has by default the quick time player you listen like a charm hope this can help you, i use this way on my iphone

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