Karybde and Scylla are coming  

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  Karybde & Scylla - Tranceplorations..

The extreamly tallented French DJ / Producer Duo are bringing their 4 hour long fantastic 'Tranceplorations' Radio Show to Discover Trance.

You can catch their show the last sunday of each month at 14:00 Gmt


More about Karybde
Rocked by the Eighties, I use to play as the age of 8 with the vinyls (Kim Wilde, P. Lion, etc.) of my uncle.

At the beginning of the 90’s, I suddenly discovered foreign musical Tv’s .With the appearance of Dancemusic (2 Unlimited, Robin' S, Technotronic, etc.), a great passion for the electronic music started !

Since Dance, a bit later, I continued to follow my favorite artists and discovering another style : Trance in 1996. But it is in 2001, thanks to the meeting of scylla, that Trance became one of my favorite . Scylla makes me discover the anthology of it with Goa, the very first trance groups, all the 1991 period  and after...

Today, I live for Trance…always seeking new sounds, and news prods (Blank & Jones, Airbase, Mirco de Govia, Nu-Nrg, and so on...) I started to make Music Computer-assisted in 1998 with the initial software E-Jay. However, i was fastly be bored because of the limits... In the same time, I sought software in stand alone to be able to save wavsounds, I discovered Reaktor, Rainbow Synth, PropellerHeads Bassdrums...

Then, with Scylla, I discovered the Fruityloops software, which complexity, at the beginning, discouraged me... But with a little bit of work, I managed to leave some composing, but without any satisfaction. And it is in 2004, with a little retreat, which i discover VST plugins and that Scylla made his first composition "Over Pleasure" few days later that I made a remix, with some sounds and a different fitting. Which encourage me to still better discover the software.

Since, we both compose together, even if at the beginning Scylla passed much time to correct certain pieces of my songs (harmonic mainly...)… He stopped doing it since some compos, doing nothing but add topics or "grisgris", like he say…

Feeling well ! My style fully opened out, I bring some “Club” style to our songs and Scylla the softness of the harmonics... A mixture which functions rather well according to opinions ! Even if I am now also able to do in softness also... That done the charm of our duet !!! "We equally learn from each other" Scylla tells me ! 

More about Scylla
1978 revelation ! I discovered the universe of J. M. Jarre with the “Equinoxe” album... at 7 I simply decided  I also wanted to be “a Jean Michel Jarre" ! then the love of Electronic music will never leave me any more...

I grown rocked by the Eighties, listening a lot of English New Wave I fall under the charm of synthetic melodies from Depeche Mode, level 42, Kim Wilde, Yazoo and so much that this page will run out of words…

Always obsessed by the same, I WANT a SYNTHESIZER!!!!! First musical agitations, my parents offers to me a small arranger, Yamaha PSS360!!  Tremendous Happiness of the little keyboard keys ! lol ! the FM sounds and integrated rhythmic which made "tooc! Tss! tooc! " I done my first reproductions and first compos! a small section of the PSS was albe to make evolve/move real time wave shaping ! Rotted ! but a true happiness at the time !

At the end of 88, a new style unloads on the French radios !  I discovered House with MARSS and S EXPRESS ... I directly turned myself to New Beat and Acid music, thank to Belgium !

90, I bought my first true synth !!! a splendid Roland D-20 now throned in the center of my mess !!  I continue to compose and I discover the M.C.A... with the Amiga 500... a computer abled to make music by himself whereas Pc's  made yet only “beeps” ... I make the purchase of it and discovers the modules and my first Digitalizer (the Amiga’s sampler !). Serious things can started ! I compose initially on Oktalyzer, then Protracker! in parallel, I continue to compose on my synth...

91, the key, I discovered the European Amiga scene, Demos, musicians... after a short Hardcore period, the English prods rock my universe, KLF, Orbital, Prodigy... then I discovered TRANCE and its sweet melodies, Cygnus X, Brainchild, Odysee of Noise... It is now very clear, it is this style that I like much and that I want to compose !!!! I changed my Amiga 500 for the higher range, the 1200! At the end of 91, I officiate on the French and European Amiga scene under the Nickname of Mindfuck of Mentasm, I met some famous musicians who now compose on their own......

I exchange my old D-20 for a brand new X3 korg !!! and composing, and composing and composing!!! The years are shelled and the amiga scene at the end of 96 is not any more what it was, the PC becomes the favorite machine... I stop my activities after some tries to PC modules on  Fasttracker 2... Goa is my favorite style at the time... Astral Projection, Transwave, Total Eclipse and all the Bonzaï label played in loop on my hi-fi componments... I stop my studies and the music becomes my trade, I sing and play keyboard in a pop orchestra... With new job, new synth, Roland XP80 ... I preserve a great attachment at my Amiga 1200, from time to time, I still compose modules for my pleasure...

2000, the millenium, I offered myself a groove box MC 303 wich was quickly replaced by the 505 and one 16 tracks recording home studio, a Roland VS1680 

2001... i Meet the man which will become my musical partner in my every day life , Karybde!

I rediscovered PC under a different angle, with Ejay, initially... amusing but too limited!!!  Then Fruityloops arrives! Brilliant, but when someone comes from Amiga and the "MOD" there is no evidence  to trying this kind of software... I discovered another aspect of Trance, productions which I did not know and which Karybde take pleasure to make me listen per packages of 50!!! The answer is invariably the same one! "that keep silent!!!! I WANT IT!!!!!! " After some average tests under fruity, and the discovery of the universe of the VST plugins , I carry out my first truth compo... "Over Pleasure", Overboosted by this creation, Karybde produced a remix a few days after.... The tandem had been born....

200x?  we compose together ! Even if each of us keeps its musical identity , the duet functions well ! I bring the harmonics and lightness, karybde brings the clubbing touch... Now, I do not improve any more his songs! I add some topics but I don’t make any more harmonics corrections... his style completely opened out! Now we’re really having great fun !!!

source: http://www.karybdeandscylla.info


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  • No avatar FireStorm 27/06/2009 13:06:07

Awesome trance from france!

  • No avatar Javs 26/06/2009 14:18:40

Really cant wait 2 hear this, welcome !!!!

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 26/06/2009 13:45:44

Seriously do not want to miss this show, it is awesome!

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