Javs - Found Treasures  

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Its a Trance marathon..
Every Friday night LIVE resident dj Javs opens up his box of magic and unloads some trancy goodness into your ears. Starting every at 21:00 every friday night he plays the tunes that you want to hear.

He can always be found in the DT chat room so why not pop in and make some requests!


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  • No avatar Javs 15/05/2009 14:51:23

thx billy now FT comments are on top with 15 yihaa :P lol oops (16)

  • No avatar Javs 14/05/2009 06:58:04

lol Thx Ice , every woman's super rabbit hahaha yeah rite ......

  • No avatar Ice Demon 13/05/2009 22:29:16

Javs is every woman's super rabbit - he lasts longer than any battery ever made ;) Keep those Found Treasure's coming :D...We all can't get enough of em! Every start to the weekend is just AWESOME!!! Tune in and be amazed at the master mixer on his turntables and the many Found Treasure Choon's :) that just vibrate your ears off........Go Javs

  • No avatar Javs 05/05/2009 08:07:26

lol Anna , and the Add comment button doesnt even look like a X button :P thx for the nice words !!!! x x

  • No avatar FireStorm 03/05/2009 17:08:41

haha Anna :-p

  • No avatar billy 03/05/2009 11:10:12

oops button lagged lol

  • No avatar billy 03/05/2009 11:09:10

hahahahhaa omg toooo funny,thats deffo javs he keeps going and going and going......and we love it!!!keep up the awesome show xx

  • No avatar FireStorm 02/05/2009 22:41:46

I do love that pic!

  • No avatar Javs 02/05/2009 19:30:06

Thx guys its a blast to do every week, and all the hours go by like a breeze due to u all \o

  • No avatar DeJoker 02/05/2009 19:01:54

Great show with Javs, awesome music a climat :) i like this show, very like :)

  • No avatar Xenomorph 02/05/2009 18:30:36

Everlasting stamina rabbit design, like it, haha :)

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