Interview with Joe shadows  

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Today's interview comes all the way from Egypt - say 'Hello' to Mr Joe Shadows... :)

Lou - Heeeey Joe! Nice to catch up with you! :) So... When did the magic start to happen for you?

Joe - I Used To Listen To Electronics From 2003, But Indeed I Went Through DJ'ing Last August 2008, When A Close Friend For Me - DJ JZL From Canada - Aired One of My First Sets Through A Great Radio Station... That Really Motivated me a lot and By Learning More, Mixing More, I Went to The Level Which People Satisfied With 

Lou -  Awesome... Who would you say have been your biggest influences in becoming a dj, and continuing and developing your career?

Joe - Trance is My Biggest Influence as I was Inspired a lot By Tiesto, AVB, Ferry Corsten, PVD... Many and Many Made Me Love The Trance More and I've A Chasing Dream to Be One Of The Hottest DJ's & Producers Worldwide and I'm Working on That :)

Lou -  I'm the same - I have a list of influences as long as my arm! Haha! What do you feel is your biggest achievement to date?

Joe - Well... Being Asked To Participate On Many Radio Stations For Their Anniversaries, Events... Etc.. That made Me so Proud, But My Biggest Achievement ever was to Play On The FM Radio Here On EgYpt "Nile Fm", as I was Featured 2 Times There and About 15,000 people listened to My Mixes... But That's Not An Achievement Which I can Say "I Did it" ... I'm Looking Forward for Some Other Achievements Soon Regarding DJ'ing & Producing  ;)

Lou - Sounds great! Look forward to hearing what you're working on!  Ok, a tough one now... Your house is on fire - pick 3 items to save!

Joe - Mmmmm... First Thing I'll Think About is MY PC's Hard Disk, My Laptop and Some Important Papers... But I Hope After Saving Them I Could Save Myself :)

Lou - Let's hope so too, Joe!! No radio shows without you!... So... to continue... you have a couple of radio shows running - 'Nile Sessions' and 'Trance Union' - how long have they been running? And who has been your favourite guestmix to have on your shows? (One from each is fine - if you can't pick..) ;)

Joe - Well I started Trance Union from September 2008, Passing About 23 Episodes Till now and Nile Sessions From The Beginning of 2009... and The Favourite Guestmix was 7 Skies and Manuel Le Saux

Lou - I have spoken with Manny already... He's a very cool guy... :) How would define your sound/style - using 5 tracks/genres....

Joe -
Young Parisians- You Write The Rule (Solar Stone Remix)
Divini & Warning - 4LB
Tiesto - Adagio for Strings
Aly & Fila - Key of Life
Armin Van Buuren - Communication (Part 3)

I Like That Melodic Powerful Sounds and Also Progressive Beats ...  and For Sure Epic Tunes aswell... ;)

Lou - Wow!... some epicness in there! I hear that you're breaking into producing... ;) what can we look forward to hearing from you this year?...

Joe - I Started Learning Producing From 2 Months... I'm Still waiting to Be Professional On That To Come Out With Choons :) ... I Hope I can Do Some Great Things this Year... As I Can Produce A Track Nowadays, But I don't Guarantee it a Choon, I don't wanna do That, So I'm Waiting and Learning...

Lou - Well we all wish you the best of luck with that! Final question from me now... You have 50 words to plug anything you want! GO!...

Joe - Thanks A Lot Laura For That Interview and Cheers To Discover Trance... Keep Spreading The Quality Trance Music and I Promise All For A Great Something's Coming Out Soon... and For Listeners to Keep Updated With My Mixes & Any Thing About Me : & Also

Lou - Thank you so much, Joe! :)

Joe - Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeers! :)


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