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This week I interviewed Swedish Dj-ing and producing sensation - Mr Bjorn Akesson...

Lou -  Hey Bjorn!... So... You've had an awesome year for music - with 'Perfect Blue' being your most successful tune to date - getting rave reviews from the likes of JoC, Tiesto, Above and Beyond, and AvB (who's listeners voted it 18th in the ASOT end of year mix) - how different do you think your career would be now, if this track had not been released when it was?

Bjorn - It is a very important track for me, it's my biggest Akesson track up to date, I always see it as the cause of my breakthrough in the scene. My career would not be as successful if I didn't release it. I would not have as many gigs as I have now, and probably not as many remix requests. Hard to say of course, but its my flagship so far.

Lou - It's a truly great track though! Very, very well done! My favourite remix of yours is 'Destination' by DT8 - it has your signature sound - and it is most definitely one of my all-time tunes (in my Top 5!) and is a firm favourite, both new and old - with DT listeners... Tell us what it was like remixing such an already popular track...

Bjorn - Thank you very much! Not everyday you hear you are included in someone's all-time faves!... When I got the request from Mondo I got really excited and inspired as I saw it as a big chance to make it further in the scene. Remixing a classic is of course hard since there are going to be people that hate your remix, but also people that love it and appreciate your new touch to the track. What I wanted to do was something different, most producers here would make a copy of the track but using their sounds and production. I find that very boring since they won't really bring something new to the remix. Therefore I chose to make something very different from the original, so I added a completely new background music for the vocals, separating my mix from the rest. It was very hard and took a lot of time to remix it, remembering hot summery nights in the studio with my window open and cold water in my glass, trying to make my remix as hot as the temperature in my studio :)

Lou -  Awesome!! Well you definitely nailed that! Tell us about you radio show, 'Threshold'. Was it a natural progression onto radio from djing in clubs? and how is this show going to progress in 2009?

Bjorn - Well my radioshow is about the tracks that I like best at the moment, plus some older tracks that I think deserve to be heard once again! Radio is a little more different from clubs, but very fun to make. The show will continue in 2009 as you can see it already has.

Lou - Fantastic! Radio kind of gives you a different side to a dj, i feel... It's them as you know them, but in a different way... If you know what I mean?!... Anyway!... Define your sound for us. What do think your tracks represent about you as a person?

Bjorn - My sound is energetic and uplifting, and my goal has always been to send shivers down the spine of the listeners. I try to keep my sound very melodic and special with groovy beats backing up.

Lou - Ohhh.... I love the shivers... The goose bumps are also essential :) Who were the dj idols you had when you first started mixing?

Bjorn - I don't really have any DJ idols, and I never had. However i have producing idols such as Svenson, Ferry Corsten, The Thrillseekers and Armin van Buuren.

Lou - Wicked - lots of big names there - and a few that I like as well! Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?

Bjorn - No idea, hopefully i' m finished with my education and enjoying the life as a fulltime working DJ and producer :)

Lou - Haha, sounds good! The question that everyone asks, and most people may not answer... ;) Do you get nervous before you play out at a gig?

Bjorn - When I first started playing at clubs I used to go up behind the decks with my pre-made set and my papers with tracklist and track info. And I used to shake and be very nervous. These days I just get a tingly feeling in my stomach and feeling the excitement of about to go and play. So to answer the question fully, I guess i get only a little nervous, but after a few tracks I get calmed down :)

Lou - That's good to hear.. a bit of nerves are good to get you fired up to play :) Lastly... please explain to the Discover Trance listeners about what a 'Fundrink' is.... ;)

Bjorn - Haha, well its a cheap drink (about 1 euro) filled with vodka and energy drink... Very easy to get drunk on :)

Lou - Awesome!... So... there you have it! Get out there, and ask for a fundrink everyone!! Thank you Bjorn, great to speak to you :)

If you want to catch up with Bjorn, check out his website or his myspace -


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