Indecent Noise Interview  

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So.... For our Special 100th Episode of the Discover Trance Radio Show, I
speak to a very special person... who features on the line-up of the
guestmixing party people!

Please give a warm DT welcome to Alex, from Indecent Noise!

Hey Alex, thank you so much for talking to me... So... an obvious one
to start us off!  Tell us where you came up with the name 'Indecent
Noise'?... and how you got into the industry?

The unofficial version created by my mate from Manchester is that my
Mum still yells at me "turn this f***ing indecent noise off!", official and
completely true, and is a random pick from vocabulary, lol.  Not the first
names I thought of, of course (it's hard for people to accept names like
"bucket noise" or "mushroom hunting noise").

 I found 'Indecent' and that was in 2006, when I was producing prog-house and wet&hard music.  Yeah, a
bit of 'Indecent'kind of music ;) It suited me well so even when I moved
back to trance and tech-trance, 'Indecent Noise' was still ok.  Still, its
bit confusing because people think that 'I.N' project is some kind of
collaboration.  Lots of peeps message me on MySpace treating me like a duo,
even though I have on my main page, written in the right place, my name (one
and only). 

Of course I produce a large spectrum of electronic music, so I
have few other projects like 'Terra Break' for more uplifting music, 'Noise
Tek' for very techy or even hard trance stuff, and 'Baltic Sea Beach Club'
for warm, balearic house sounds.  How did I get involved in the industry?
Ummm, it wasn't one big shot.  I started with some re-works (PvD's 'Nothing
But You', The Prodigy - 'Voodoo People') which get nice support from John
O'Callaghan, Agnelli & Nelson, Bryan Kearney, Tom Colontonio and more.  I
was noticed by a few people (Simon Hunt, Daniel Vale, and my current partner
in crime and also good friend, Steve Allen) who approached me for my first
remix job in late 2007, also in this year I finished my first "more pro"
tracks like 'Degenerator', 'Broken Glass Balls' and 'Touchline'. 

In 2008 I won Steve Allen's - 'Wildfires' remix contest in Diverted / Communicate
label (the second winner was Philippe El Sisi) and I was trying to raise my
profile with the tracks I mentioned above, plus collaboration with P.A.F.F.
"Ginger / Catharsis" EP and remixes like Ian Frank - 'Be A Child', John
Huijbers - 'Things U Never See' or Rapha - 'Pandora'.  During whole of 2008
I was recording monthly promo mixes to build up my dj profile.  It helped me
a lot.

Lou - WOW!! What a busy guy, hey?!... Some awesome, awesome tunes there...
Many that were favourites, spun by our own fair Mr Fire in his 'Discover
Trance' Radio Show... :) and some personal faves of mine - PvD 'Nothing but
you' and Rapha 'Pandora' especially... Onto the next!... What attracted you
to produce tunes? and how long do you spend on preparing/making remixes?
with research, contacting artists, etc?

Alex - Heartbreaks or fallen Christmas trees (now you know whats 'Broken
Glass Balls' is about! Haha) are good examples of what kind of events
attract me to get ideas.  In general, there is a bit of negative feeling,
too unfortunately.  

No, it doesn't mean I'm sadomasochist and I'm hurting myself to create new concepts, lol.  (*Lou makes a mental note, here ;) *) The time a production takes depends on a few elements, like overall busyness
or amount of ideas. 
There are remixes that I've made in 4 hours (whole track, without mix and proper mastering - it takes me next few days) like Phuture Sound - 'Alone'. In the other hand Rapha - 'Pandora' or Jo Micali - 'Euphoria' cost me whole months to get them right.  But it was worth it....

Lou - Indeeed, we now know!! Who'd have thought that a Christmas Tree can
give such epic inspiration?!... (and I'm watching you now... after your
sadomasochist comment... Lol)  Getting back to the serious info... ;) What
studio/equipment set up do you have?

Alex - Haha, its hard to call it as "studio" lol.  In my room you can find
my old Acer notebook (but I'm buying new one - powerful Sony Vaio in days),
midi keys - M-Audio Keyrig 25, f**ked printer, and as always cold beer and
some snacks.  I'm going to buy later this year ultimate synth Access Virus
TI, then maybe wicked Allen & Heath Xone:3D mixer to finalise my ableton
setup.  Wishful thinking haha, but time will tell.

Lou - Always good to strive higher, and do more :) and we know it's not just
beer in your studio, eh? ;) What was your most favourite remix to work on,
and why?  (I think mine is your remix of Rapha - 'Pandora' :) ...)

Alex - Yes, deffo Rapha - 'Pandora'.  It was out with great pack of remixes
from Eddie Sender and Karybde & Scylla. I'm not fan of Kandi's Rework sorry.
I'm happy with Marcos - 'Cosmic String 09', Kleerup - 'Longing For
Lullbabies' which is different, but also nice.  But now I simply can't stop
playing my Icicle - 'Eudaimonia' Remix, it's wicked and I'm soooo excited
with final sound! And don't forget about "Push - Strange World" Remix!  It's
still a proper bosh and always works!

Lou - A bit of old skool is always good :) Mind you, technology seems to
move on, and everything now is about the internet/podcasts and websites...
Has this helped you to create a larger fanbase as an artist by using this to
promote yourself and your work?

Alex - I have MySpace and Facebook accounts, they are great tools for
promotion.  I update them monthly, and it's the best way to communicate with
people who like and support my music, as it lets them know whats going on,
and also how big my Morkie (Yorkshire Terrier / Maltese crossbreed) puppy
named Marcos is, haha.

Lou - Awww, now i know what kind of dog Marcos is!!! :) Sounds adorable! So Alec, how would you describe your sound?

Alex - Melodic, banging, driving, tech trance. Simple, solid and energetic.

Lou - WOW! :) Now... Pick your ultimate tune of all time... ;)

Alex - Thats a hard one! But if I would be forced to pick, I have to choose
Paul van Dyk's 'For An Angel' - Angels In Heaven Mix.  It still amazes me,
and Activa's 2009 remake is great too!  Also I would pick The Verve -
'Bittersweet Symphony', All Saints - 'Pure Shores', and U2 - 'City of
Blinding Lights... Great, great tunes...

Lou - Indeed they are.... lots of personal faves of mine there too! :) Now
my next question may be something that some of us would like to be possible,
but if you had a time machine - what year would you go back to? and why?....

Alex - I probably wouldn't take this opportunity, it's ok being there where
I am a t the moment, and some changes in the past could create another
timeline.  And then then if I came back, I could be a hairdresser or even a
plumber! Too risky! Too risky! BUT! I would go back to get my Sega Saturn
game console only.  I miss it!  Not a PS3 or Xbox360!  Only Saturn and
awesome adventure (Dark Saviour, Guardian Heroes) games on it :-D

Lou - Hahaha! You're scared that you might come back as a plumber or
hairdresser?!  Both are very useful jobs, Alex!! ;) hehe. But a very epic
view of creating another timeline... I admit that at times, I think that our
paths are already made for us...  We are just living out a story that's
already been told... Tell us how do you like to chill out?  Do you have any

Alex - Proper bbq, beer and having fun with friends is good for me.  I love
playing tennis, bicycling and sailing, it's a different way to relax but
works for me.  Hobby? Yea, I collect pictures with Miley Cirus, whoever she
is haha.  Nah, I'm just kidding.  I'm big fan of Star Trek (new movie kicks
a$$es) and Final Fantasy game series (waiting for XIII - what I saw on demo
it will be massive).

Lou - Ohh Alex, Miley Cirus?! Your secret is out now?!... ;) but seriously,
Bbq's and beer are a big fave of mine... and some of the DT regulars, you
can't beat being with awesome friends, so good call! :) Finally, if YOU had
half an hour to interview anyone, dead or alive, who would it be and what
would you ask them?...

Alex - Probably Nobuo Uematsu (music composer in Final Fantasy games) about
his inspirations, then head of Coca-Cola management about changing taste of
Fanta in continental Europe (god bless you you have still original taste!)
to sh*tty one, and finally I'd interview You - Lou, about what brings you to
ask this wicked question that even you don't have even answer for! haha...

Lou - Yeh yeh! I know - but I ASK the questions... I don't have to answer
them!! :-p and I agree on Fanta! WTF did they do to it?!... Haha... Thank
you so much for your time Alex... Can't wait to hear your Mix for DT 100th
Episode Party! :)

To contact Alex - check him out on MySpace - and on

Sooo there you have it... an awesome insight into a very talented
producer... :) who is guestmixing on Discover Trance 100th Episode Party
this Saturday, 6th June.... Be there, and be involved... :)


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  • No avatar DJ Pusher 10/06/2009 18:42:34

Melodic, banging, driving, tech trance. Simple, solid and energetic. ILOVE IT!!!!!!!

  • No avatar adampatterson 09/06/2009 01:11:31

+1 dt, what a dead on guy he is.

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 06/06/2009 13:06:09

He is, this guy just oozes tallent!

  • No avatar Javs 06/06/2009 13:02:42

Amazing again Lou , really cool guy !!!!!! woot for Lou xx :)

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