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Often when people ask me "What type of music is Trance?", yes there are still people out there missing out on this incredible music! I will tell them about its uplifting uniqueness, its driving bass lines and energetic beats but to someone who's never heard trance or progressive music before that description might sound like some happy hardcore tune in their minds! So when a track like 'Exposure' comes along it really makes me smile and makes my job of educating the masses that much easier!

Not only is 'Exposure' the first single from the A side of a new double release from Mr Emery but it's also his first release on his brand new label Garuda. And talk about starting off on a good note! 'Exposure' is an excellent blend of all those elements described earlier that make a classic trance track! The bass line clean and driving, the synth melodies uplifting and memorable, the breakdowns surprising and exciting. It sounds like such a simple recipe to creating an instant trance classic but to get it right like Gareth Emery has done so exquisitely in 'Exposure' is what separates the experienced men from the boys!

I say experienced not only because of the experience gained with spending so many studio hours that go into producing any great EDM track but the experience only DJ's who play to the masses of discerning listeners can acquire, that intuition of when to push the energy, when to pull it back and what it takes to send them into screaming euphoria!

'Exposure' kicks its beat with meaningful energy, the slightly progressive bass line pulses forward as some warped siren sounds play with your mind. A short break down introduces...or should I say "exposes" us to the synth melody and chorus of the track. The melody plays between both light and soft whilst also tweaking to the electro and progressive sound too. Every part to this track has it's place and frequency neatly set out so that packing into your ears and musical mind is a pleasure, for both DJ and fan alike!


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  • No avatar Javs 05/05/2009 09:29:31

Is it released yet ???

  • No avatar Javs 28/04/2009 20:18:30

I heard this track on ASOT 400 !!! simply Amazing !!!!!!!! Gareth just never fails , great work Xenomorph

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 28/04/2009 14:31:16

Great article by Xenomorph

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