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This month I talk to Mr 'i know an anthem when i mix one'... Sean Tyas... \o/

So Sean, your first single on the Discover label, 'Lift' really rocketed you out there. (It is still a firm favourite with the Discover Trance massive ;) ). Do you think that your career would have been any different had you not released that track when you did?

think it was even more so the remixes that accompanied 'Lift' that year, my remixes of Duderstadt - 'Muhanjala', Beam - 'On your Mind', and Insigma - 'Open our Eyes' were a huge help to me as well. It was all about the timing, and the right time, right place...

Some tunes are lucky enough to have that element on their side, I guess... Which have been your favourite tracks to remix and/or produce?

The most fun ones have been the ones I've done with (Simon) Patterson, 'Somethin's Up' and now 'For the Most Part'. We just have an absolute blast in the studio.

Awesome! Sounds good! :) You tend to find that those who have a chemistry together kinda implant it across into their music, so that it comes across to the listeners.... Next one, Who in trance, do you admire?

Like always, my personal idol has to still be Paul van Dyk. He has single handedly paved the road for the type of trance that I am really into. These days I have to say, John Askew, I really admire. The guy operates in a way that only he is in charge of, and no one can tell him different. If they try, they get a stern "F!~" off". Gotta love that...

Haha! Indeed!... :) (you heard it here first, trance fans... ;)) How does playing out at festivals/open air events differ from clubs for you?

Festivals and Clubs are different in the way I actually feel when I am there. I tend to feel more relaxed and in "party" mode at festivals, but in clubs I feel more focused. I think that is because you are much closer to the people, and you certainly don't want to let anyone down.

I think that can be said of most dj's... They like being 'up close and personal' with their crowd... and you get more intimate with lighting, etc... Anywayyy!... ;) Moving on... What is your favourite set time to play? Warm up, Peak or Close?...

Close, then you don't have to be nice and courteous to a following DJ... :-p

Hahah! Seriously?! But yeh, I suppose with that you can just do your thing, and play out, then carry on your own after party. I've known one of my friends to have a party all night, then be so hammered when it comes to playing out his closing set!! Lol, but he always sounds banging, even when completely off his face... Where do you feel that trance has it's roots?

A lot of elitists will say classical... ok cool, I can roll with that, but for me it has its roots in 2 spots: 1) happy hardcore and 2) Moby & Robert Miles' more minimalistic approach to very melody dance music in the early 90s... Could be wrong of course, but for me, its when these 2 sounds melded together, this is what we call trance.

I think everyone's opinion is unique, so never 'wrong'... Nice way of explaining though... Ok, so I know that this year you are looking to turn your hand more to producing. Do you prefer this side to the industry over playing out in clubs and travelling?

If you subtract the actual traveling part, the flying, the airports, then I like gigging better, but when I have to choose, flying & all, I'd always choose to be in the studio... It's therapeutic

Lou -
Sounds gooood... I have an image of you blissed out in your studio now... If you could retire from the music industry tomorrow, would you? And if so, what would you do with your days?...

Nah, no way... As much as it can make you truly crazy some days, its more satisfying than ... well.. erm.. anything... :)

and there you have it... Spoken like a true gentleman... :)

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You can catch up with Sean's latest developments on his website: www.seantyasmusic.com


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  • No avatar Blu_Lou 17/05/2009 17:08:53

Awww :) Thank you guys! :) To be fair, I was stunned when he replied with a 'Sure, I'd love to'! Haha! He was great to interview :) I really enjoyed it... As long as everyone is reading and enjoying, I don't mind if you don't leave comments... I get embarrassed reading them anyway.. ;) Lxxx

  • No avatar Javs 15/05/2009 14:55:25

guess they are all to stunned to comment Lou :) awesome interview xx

  • No avatar Javs 11/05/2009 06:50:00

Awesome Interview again Lou, they getting better and better, sounds like a cool guy who really loves making music and enjoy it !!!!

  • No avatar DJ Pusher 09/05/2009 19:20:21

WOW, you have really done it again Lou! Its really awesome to see the Producers View on your questions. Keep going Lou!

  • No avatar Xenomorph 09/05/2009 07:56:58

Awesome interview with refreshing questions, nice work, Lou :)

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