Exclusive ReOrder Interview  

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Exclusive ReOrder Interview @ Discover Trance Radio

  Exclusive ReOrder Interview.
This months exclusive Discover Trance Radio interview is with the massivly successful DJ,  Producer and Silent Shore Records founder ReOrder.

Releasing hit after hit, find out what Reorder has to say inside this article.

This month Dave Deen caught up with long term friend and co worker ReOrder. 

Well Reo, where do I start? what an amazing year you have had, not only starting your own record label with partner Lukas but a tirade of releases and remixes to boot. Your label Silent Shore Records, whats it all about, how as your first year been so far?

It’s hard to speak about a year as we released our first tune back on 15-Aug-2009 only. But true is that we were preparing everything since march 2009. Now we have great support by producers and DJs like Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, M.I.K.E., Airbase, Sean Tyas, Aly & Fila, Onova, Philippe El Sisi, Pedro Del Mar, Jordan Wales, DJ Shah, Tom Colontonio, Tempo Giusto, The Flash Brothers, and many more so I have to say we are doing good. Also our releases always appear in top 50 in sales on most of the popular shops online. So I have to say all the hard work was worth of something.

Certainly as case of "You get out what you put in" there then, It does not surprise me that you make  regular appearance in top 50 sales, which I suspect we will see again with your collaboration with Jaycan, I am of course talking about "Come With Me To Varanasi" which you currently have a remix competition for. Can you tell our readers about this track, what inspired the melody and how the name came about?

All happened after our gig together in Austrian capital: Vienna. I had the melody ready before (it just came to me suddenly on one Saturday evening). We just sat together and finished the tune in a style we both loved. As it showed up after, our collaboration was successful as this tune was supported by Armin Van Buuren in ASOT434, and many others! We are still waiting for some more remixes and the winner will be announced 2 weeks after closing on 30/12/2009 which is one day before official release.

The Vienna in Trance gig, DJing and then some production,  do you find it easy to move between the two? I can't imagine the transition from the excitement of a beer fuelled gig  to the quiet relaxed producer environment in a single weekend is an easy thing to do? Speaking of Vienna, a little birdie tells me your back there soon, care to share?

Hehehe. For me its natural. Every gig gives me strength to create a new fresh tune. When I see people enjoying my music on a dance floor, I would love to surprise them next time with something more enthusiastic. People always push me further. So right after a gig, when I wake up my mind is clear to produce. Remember Experience & Sensitivity? You cannot imagine how big hangover is behind this Vinyl EP. About Vienna in Trance 2 I cannot reveal much but for sure you can look forward to see me there also B2B with JayCan.

I heard wonderful reports from Vienna In Trance 1, Vienna is too far from me to travel but I will be catching up with you at "TrancEmotion" at Fusion Club in Munster Germany where you will be Djing, Looking forward to that one. I'd like to talk more about your studio if I may, I know you can put some producers in front of a honky tonk keyboard and they will still manage to create something epic, can you give us a rundown of your kit? how is the magic made?

Oh would be amazing to catch up in Munster. I bet the gig there will be marvellous! I can give you a lil’ sneak peak to my production equip. I produce all tunes now essentially in Ableton live 7.01. All melodies are produced on Edirol-PCR midi keyboard. I use Adam A-7 as monitors and M-Audio Delta 1010 LT as sound card. At this moment I save some money to buy Virus TI-Snow which I think will help me to improve my tunes sound wise. I always start each remix and new tune from every sample.. This way I am trying to create always something new in my own style.

Thanks for sharing, hopefully any budding producers out there will now know where to start looking. We have released a few remixes together, it always shocks me to see how quickly they are on share site and youtube, sometimes even a long time before release, how do you feel about this, what’s you stance not only as a producer but as a label owner?

I do not have any troubles with youtube if it is posted on time of when the tune is being promoted and people share only radio rips. I think people have the right to listen to it before they buy it. As producer and as a label owner I am not happy for the free sharing. Time is hard and all producers want to develop their skill and their studio so they are keen on royalties from sale. If 80% of people will still support piracy it will be hard to bring new talents to the scene. We do it for people but we also need to eat :)

Your thoughts are not so far from my own there, though with diplomacy like that I think you should be running for president. Reorder already seems to be becoming a house hold name, so as we start to draw a line through 2009 and in fact the end of a decade, what does the next hold in store for you, is there anyone in particular that you would like to work or collab with?

Thanks for sharing the idea and for nice compliment mate :D As you know I produce since 1997 but professionally trance since 2006 but this year 2009 I made a major progress in my career. In one year I got so much experience as I did not in 10 years. Actually at this moment I started to work on collab with Jo Micali, and I am in talks with Estigma, Trance Arts and there was some talk with nitrous oxide but it’s not setup yet. But I really want to collab with Claudia Cazacu and with Emma Hewitt. Time will tell if it will be possible.

You are welcome, Some nice names there old friend, if your work with Claudia I want to come haha. Before we say goodbye can you answer some quick fire questions...

i) Favourite producer of 2009
ii) Favourite film of 2009
iii) Favourite gig of 2009
iiii) If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

i)       Favourite producer of 2009

Nitrous Oxide

ii)    Favourite film of 2009

District 9 &  2012

iii)   Favourite gig of 2009

PURE in Prague… all sessions were greatJ best one with ARMIN 6 hours mix

iv)    If a tree falls in a forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Hard question. Hypothetically both is right answer. Depends on listener

haha good answer mate, I was expecting a sharp slap across the face for that, Well mate that about wraps it up from my end,  Just got time to tell people about your Radio show “In Trance I Believe” which airs every other Monday at 19:00 (GMT) on Discover Trance Radio, any last words or thoughts?

Thanks for interview mate and lot of luck to discover trance radio the best radio for all clubbers around the world


More About ReOrder
myspace: www.myspace.com/reorderdj
Facebook: Tibor ReOrder Tomecko

For  booking please contact:
Worldwide: Alexander Berse -
CZ & SK: Lukas Novak - lukas@silentshorerecords.com


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  • No avatar Javs 23/12/2009 11:53:08

Nice interview real down to earth guy with just a passion for music ... Nah Lou no need your job is safe ...... :)

  • No avatar a'ndY 17/12/2009 09:28:48

Haha, great interview, and thanks for mentioning Vienna so often :D

  • No avatar Blu_Lou 16/12/2009 22:14:21

Good stuff here! Think i might need to watch my back... ;)

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