Chicane vs Natasha Bedingfield  

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 Bruised Water - Out now!
Every now and again you hear a mash up that makes the little hairs on your arms stand on end.

Nick Bracegirdle, The man behind Chicane has released a mash-up of his number one hit "Salt water" bringing the vocals from Natasha Bedingfields "Bruise Easily". The result has to be heard!

What do you think? Personally we Love it.


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  • No avatar Blu_Lou 17/05/2009 17:40:51

This one is in my box :)

  • No avatar FireStorm 14/05/2009 15:45:19

I think this mash up adds a really nice vocal dimesion to chicane track, i support it :-)

  • No avatar Inclooziv 14/05/2009 15:44:17

Yeee, I love this track ! and Chicane - Saltwater !

  • No avatar Javs 14/05/2009 13:13:54

Some tunes should be protected and not allowed to be remixed again ..... this is one of em :) But as allways money rulezzzz :D

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 14/05/2009 01:48:20

Loving this tune since the day i heard it!

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