Armada Lounge Volume 2  

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Every so often, especially in hasty times like these, it's important to let go of everything and put both your physical and mental well-being first. Armada Music provides you the perfect way to do so. Let everything fade to the background, as you slip the second Volume of 'Armada Lounge' into your player.

Armada Music, awarded for 'Best Global Dance Label' at the International Dance Music Awards in March 2009, has selected their finest releases and re-worked them into delicate, soothing down-tempo cuts. A sheer feeling of relaxation washes over, as you sit back and enjoy the loungy beats and hypnotic melodies of chilled out tracks by Arnej feat. Josie, Astrid Suryanto, Sunlounger, Mike Foyle, Tenishia and many more.

'Armada Lounge Volume 2' unwinds you from the everyday life, with guitar-driven chords, deep, classical melodies and inspiring vocals. From the very second you press play, Armada Lounge takes you on a voyage of genuine relaxation.

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  • No avatar darksushi 26/07/2009 05:36:54

Love this album., the piano mix of 'Washout' is awesomely chill

  • No avatar DeJoker 18/07/2009 09:39:36

Awesoem album :) <-> best tune :) \o/

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 15/07/2009 15:49:50

Armada, never really fail to impress do they!

  • No avatar Javs 15/07/2009 15:31:29

hmm tracklist looks great .... deffo worth playing at a beach :)

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