Ann Lee - 2 People  

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  Anna Lee - 2 people

In 1999 Ann Lee sold more than two millions copies with the track "2 times".

2009 sees the release of her new single called "2 People". Listen out for promos in the Live Dj shows.

More about Ann Lee

The year 1998, English born singer, Ann Lee debutted with the unforgettable song “2times” one of the most extraordinarily tracks to come out of the international dancescene in a long while.

"2 times" went to #1 in Denmark, #2 in UK and Belgium, Top 10 in in France,Germany, Austria, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Holland, Norway and East Europe, collecting many Gold and Platinum discs.

The second single, VOICES, reached top 10 positions in Spain, Denmark and the Czech Republic. It was released in UK in February 2000 and went straight into the Top 30.

The third single, an irresistible cover version of RING MY BELL came out in Europe,
while "2 TIMES" began exploding in Canada.

Ann Lee's debut album, DREAMS, was release all over the globe. Her latest album “So Alive” was released in 2007 and contains eleven tracks plus a cover of “Moonlight dancing”.



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  • No avatar Javs 02/07/2009 10:18:23

2 Times allways a favo "cheese" track :P so cant wait to hear this 1

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