AWOT and DT present Christmas 2009  

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AWOT and DT present Christmas 2009 Trance Event

  December 26th and 27th 2009
36 hours non stop, A World Of Trance and Discover Trance Radio proudly present Christmas 2009.

Escape with us and join the likes of Pedro Del Mar, Daniel Kandi, Fast Distance, Ferry Corsten and many more.


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  • No avatar Javs 28/12/2009 09:22:30

Was fun thx all \o/

  • No avatar Mark 27/12/2009 11:30:29

Thanks for your creativity, Katy Rutkovski! :)

  • No avatar razib 26/12/2009 15:56:14

viva AWOT

  • No avatar allalison 26/12/2009 14:31:06

Great job AWOT, Looking forward to 2010

  • No avatar Al de Boer 26/12/2009 13:48:28

Hello AWOT, hello all DJs and hello all Listeners! Me is Al de Boer from Germany. Congratulations for the Massive Event!! Merry Christmas and a happy New Year 2010 everybody i wish you! AWOT you make it big!! Thats an awesome Future Project!

  • No avatar Javs 26/12/2009 13:32:08

Great Job AWOT ur the best !!!

  • No avatar AWOT 26/12/2009 12:57:17

Merry Christmas everybody! Many thanks to all the Great DJs and all Listeners for your Support! You are all the BEST!\o/

  • No avatar Kriss van de Felden 26/12/2009 11:01:50

Enjoy my Special X Mas Set :P

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 26/12/2009 09:10:31

It has begun \o/

  • No avatar allalison 25/12/2009 21:41:09

Awesome, Thanks for the music, merry christmas

  • No avatar DJ Ravemaster 25/12/2009 06:55:01

For all AOWT Members and for all,very merry Christmas and nice Hollydays greets you re DJ Ravemaster,P.s. not forgedet Gratulation of Nummber One DJ of the World, Armin van Buuren have B-day smile. thanks.

  • No avatar DJ Pusher 25/12/2009 05:41:15

What a wicked event !!!!!!! this thing is gonna be massive

  • No avatar Andy Jackson 21/12/2009 21:16:46

That looks off the hook!

  • No avatar DeJoker 20/12/2009 20:34:22


  • No avatar EL-Jay 19/12/2009 12:37:50

This is an amazing Event! Join the AWOT targets and register to the site or just say "Hello" to the guestbook. 20.000 positive minded ppl did it before you!

  • No avatar LarSson 18/12/2009 16:41:47

WOW nice event ! :) but where its me ? hehehe JOKE :P

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