212 Trance mix 50th special  

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Darren Summers - 212 Trance mix 50th event @ Discover Trance

  212 Trance mix 50th special
Resident DJ, Darren Summers will be celebrating his 50th episode on Sunday 21st of Feb. He will be airing an extended 5 hour show, it all kicks off at 10am.

For more information, a word from Darren and interview, read on...

::A word from Darren

 "So proud to be bringing you the 212 trance mix episode 050 this week. It all started as a small mix i made for friends and uploaded as a podcast nearly 2 years ago now. After my friends enjoyed episode 001 i thought it would be fun to make it a monthly thing and called this the 212 trance mix after my door number "212" at the time.  

We have had many guestmixes on the show over the 2 years from the likes of Andy Duguid, DJ Dodds, DJ Culleton, DJ Earth, DJ Vinylkiller and many more. We have also had Dave Deen more recently introducing his new track on the show.

This Friday myself and other Obsession Events resident DJ's are hosting a special episode 050 party at "The Venue" in Dumfries, Scotland and we will be bringing you the whole 5 hours of the event right here on DT next sunday from 10am - 3pm. 

I would love to here your comments about the show. These will be read out on the show on sunday, also if you would rather send me a small mp3 clip of your views please send to
dsummers07@yahoo.co.uk, you can be on the special episode."    

::Lou meets Summers

So, Dj Summers, Where did it all start for you? What kick-started your career in the industry, and how was the 212 Trance Mix born?  

Dj Summers
Well the 212 Trance Mix was born just under 2 years ago as a bit of fun and a mix for some mates to listen to on their iPods. The name was also very random... My door number was 212 at the time, so I just named that mix "212 Trance Mix" (great imagination huh?). After friends liked the first mix, I started to create monthly mixes and upload them as a podcast for friends of friends to also download. 14 months later I joined Discover Trance and changed to weekly shows and I have never looked back. Now nearly 2 years after it all started I can't believe that I'm on episode 050 of the show, and will be broadcasting a 5 hour live event on DT this sunday. It's just amazing... 
Sometimes the smallest things give us inspiration, strange isn't it? And a nice link into my next question... How are you finding being part of the Discover Trance Radio Dj Team?

Dj Summers
I love it. The team are so helpful and it's great in the chatrooms during shows with the banter that goes on. There's always a few comments on the scottish accent too which is fun. There are loads of great DJ's on the station, and it is such a great platform for dj's like myself to progress. I have to say a massive, massive thanks to all of the Discover Trance team and fans of Discover Trance for all of the encouragement and help they've given to me over the last year.

Aw, glad to hear it :) So has being part of DT opened any doors for you?

Dj Summers
Yes it has. Fans of the show have increased since I started broadcasting on DT, and I have also met a lot of great DJ's through DT. Also because of the show being broadcast here it is part of the reason im now with Obsession Events who are presenting this Fridays episode 050 special event. Hopefully in the future it will open many more doors, as I see this as just being the start. Hopefully in the coming year we can have many more guest mixes from some DT resident DJ's also.

That sounds great! Talking of this year, where do you see yourself, and the show heading?

Dj Summers
Well never in a million years did I see the show being where it is now, as opposed to 2 years ago. So who knows where we can go from here. I do reckon however the show is in the right hands to progress. This next year I plan to have a guestmix once per month, and also try and bring you some "first plays" of new tunes if possible, as there are a few new up and coming producers that I know.

This Sunday (21st February) sees your 50th episode, what delights do you have in store for our listeners?

Dj Summers
Well, there has been a lot of planning with Obsession events for episode 050. With the help of DJ Earth, William B, DJ DP, Charlie D and DJ Shovle we are hosting a live 212 Trance Mix episode 050 @ The Venue in Dumfries, Scotland.

There you have it, all info is present and correct, all we need now is the music! Over and out, untill next time... :)


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  • No avatar Blu_Lou 16/02/2010 19:41:28

Hooj congrats to Summers and his 50th Episode! Am looking forward to Sunday... Bring on the cake! :)

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 16/02/2010 01:42:52

Can we be the first to say.. Congratulations Mr summers on the 50 (when did we start celebrating 50?) :-p

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