Stone - Exclusive ReOrder track

 Silent Shore Records proudly present their 2 year anniversary anthem.

Free track: ReOrder pres group number one - Stone (Original Mix) 

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2 Years of Silent Shore Records 

So Today is the Day. Today 15-August-2011 it is exactly two years since we released our first official release. ReOrder pres. Group Number One - Flight To Soul was behind the whole idea of Silent Shore Records. Since the beginning we gave birth to many talented Artists like ReOrder, A.R.D.I., SylverMay, Dave Deen, SHato, Oliver V., Type 41, Running Man, and many others and our goal is to continue in this in the future.

As it is a celebration for us we decided same as last year to give out one single for free. Same as last year it is tune produced by ReOrder pres. Group Number One called "STONE". You can download this single from 15/08/2011 till 15/09/2011 exclusively on pages of

Also this weekend we will celebrate in a big style with huge radio event on Discover Trance Radio. see more info HERE
We hope you enjoyed these two years with us and we promise to give you more and more great Trance music in the future.

About Silent Shore Records 

"Silent Shore Records was found in the spring of 2009 by Tibor Tomecko & Lukas Novak for the purpose to deliver fresh and quality electronic music to the clubbing community. We felt that there has to be some change in the world of electronic music. After a short time, we came up with an idea of an electronic music label which will combine quality sounding tunes with massive ideas from talented producers worldwide. As a label, our goal was to deliver emotive, energetic and banging sounds for everyone."


Discover Trance Radio, Silent Shore Records

About ReOrder 

ReOrder was born in Martin, Slovakia in 1984. His preferred style of music is uplifting & progressive trance. He started with music production at the age of 14. Initially he tried producing many styles but trance was always the one for him. Finally in 2006 he started to focus only on trance production and trance music.

His first success came in July 2006 when he signed his first track called “No Faith” to Total-Digital Records a sublabel of Bonzai Music which was lately released in 2007.

January 2008 saw his first vinyl which included the tracks “Experience” and “Sensitivity” released on Wildchild Records a sublabel of Baroque Records and was supported by Ferry Corsten, John Askew, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Burren, Markus Schulz, Matt Darey, Andy Moor, Aly & Filla, Jon o Bir.

In 2009 he made a huge progress especially in remixing. 25 releases (19 remixes) on 2009 promoted him in eyes of trance fans on Remixer of the year! End of 2009 number one DJ of the world Armin Van Buuren supported his collaboration tune “Come With Me To Varanasi” in A State Of Trance radio show and has been selected by listeners of this show as FUTURE FAVORITE. His releases are getting massive support regularly in radio shows and live performances by Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Above & Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Daniel Kandi, John o’ Callaghan, Sean Tyas, Tom Colontonio, Pedro del Mar, Onova, Nitrous Oxide, Stoneface & Terminal, Solarstone, Aly & Fila, Ernesto vs. Bastian, Ilya Soloviev, Suzy Solar, Veselin Tasev, Aurosonic, Bobina, Shah, and many more respected DJs.


Last Years: ReOrder pres group number one - A World Of Trance 

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  • No avatar DanceMax 18/10/2011 17:12:57


  • No avatar kabbage1977 08/09/2011 16:46:58

thank you ReOrder for the free tracks, and congratulations on your label, 2 year running, the work from your label is magnificent!

  • No avatar DJ-Chris 08/09/2011 07:18:42

In order to download the track just click (right click) on the download button and save the file anywhere you like on your computer !!!

  • No avatar Ingrid 05/09/2011 18:47:20

Amazing, thank you so so much! Love those two tracks! P.S The download works only with Internet Explorer or Mozilla :)

  • No avatar A Posteriori 24/08/2011 02:07:50

Download link is not working...

  • No avatar Above the Clouds 23/08/2011 14:27:07

Amazing tune!!!

  • No avatar ReOrder 22/08/2011 19:36:01

We should really do this more often:)

  • No avatar EL-Jay 22/08/2011 18:19:12


  • No avatar harvi 21/08/2011 08:30:39

awesome :D it works, good job guys :D

  • No avatar Pure Joie 20/08/2011 22:39:16

Thank you !! Awesome new tune from ReOrder. And massive trance week-end :)

  • No avatar GuidoL 19/08/2011 19:13:15

happy 2 year anniversary and thx for this free track ;)

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 17/08/2011 22:41:08

fixed.. sorry about that :-)

  • No avatar harvi 17/08/2011 19:59:48

broken link guys....

  • No avatar Hensho 17/08/2011 18:44:53

i cannot download this tune :(((

  • No avatar DeJoker 17/08/2011 13:45:37

not bad, but could be better :P

  • No avatar Labour's Switch-To-Trance 16/08/2011 21:27:38

neda sa mi stiahnut Stone :) neviete preco?

  • No avatar K-Impulse 15/08/2011 22:47:59

Thanks! Great tune! :)

  • No avatar Dantheman 15/08/2011 20:45:54

Thanks guys, another master peice from reo \o/

  • No avatar DiscoverTrance 03/08/2011 11:32:53

We hope you enjoy this great new track from ReOrder.

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